Campaign Moves Into Final Days

Jack Messer

Georgann, I, and the whole family are extremely excited about this election. As I meet more and more of the voters, I’m more confident than ever that this campaign was meant to be.

From everything I’m hearing and seeing, it appears that New Albany is more than ready to put its faith in a non-partisan mayor, making our decision to run as an independent feel right. Many declared Democrats and Republicans have pledged their votes to my campaign, and it has been most encouraging to find out just how many people don’t define themselves by which party they usually vote for.

There is every reason to believe we will be victorious in the November 8th election, marking the first time in memory that a mayor has been elected without being nominated by one of the established parties. And that’s appropriate. In my experience, the people of New Albany are fed up with the past performance of both parties and are more interested in selecting the right person to lead this city responsibly and honestly.

It has been a pleasure to get to know more of the voters, and an equal pleasure to discuss the issues with the other candidates.

Our informal polling tells us we need to get started right now on planning the transition. There will be a lot of activity between election night and the first of January, when we expect to take up the mantle of service as your mayor.

If, as we expect, New Albany elects me, the independent candidate, as mayor, the transition will be much more dramatic than during the last change of administrations. Accordingly, I’m meeting regularly with my campaign team and my other advisors to plan out just how we’ll be spending the nearly 2 months between election day and the swearing-in ceremony.

I’ll be gathering with my supporters on election night at The Calumet Club, which is at 1614 East Spring Street. Whether you’ve worked for our campaign or just want to meet me and my team, I invite you to join us for what we expect to be a joyful celebration of a hard-fought campaign.

Shortly thereafter, I’ll be opening my mayoral transition office. From that office, I’ll be developing concrete plans for building a professional staff for my administration and interviewing a wide range of individuals to help me serve you during the next four years. It will take some time to arrange my leave from the New Albany Police Department, but as soon as that is done, I’ll be working full-time on planning the hand-off from the England administration to the Messer administration.

We’ll let you know the location of that office – soon.

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